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If you have never been to the metropolis that is called New York City, it is something you will want to put on your “bucket list” of things to do in this life. The city is named by top rated internet travel conglomerate, Trip Advisor’s 2012 Travelers Choice Awards as the #1 Top Destination to travel in the United States. And no wonder! After all, a single visit to New York City is one you will never forget, as there truly is no other city on the planet that is like it.

In fact, scores of people would say that New York city is arguably one of the most fascinating, exciting, diverse, and visually recognizable cities in the world. For the novice visitor, traveling in to the city itself begins your wonderland experience, whether you arrive by train at the cavernous Grand Central Station, by plane at one of it’s six bustling airports (three major, three minor) or if you should decide to drive into the city (at your own peril, as you compete for position and parking on the streets with the thousands of yellow taxis that are in perpetual motion), what will probably strike you first is the quantity and diversity of the people. Emerging from Grand Central Station and setting foot on the street for the first time necessitates the first time visitor to just stand in awe for a period of time (again, at your own peril because the foot traffic is a seemingly never ending tidal wave) just taking in your first glimpses and acclimating to the atmosphere.

Grand Central Station

If you’re not from any city or don’t occasionally visit cities, it will initially shock the senses, not necessarily in a bad way, as the abundance of sights, sounds and smells bombard your senses. And then, you begin to move, and suddenly you are part of the motion and pulse of the city, and life will never be the same. As you move with the city your eye-gate takes it all in; everything you’ve seen in pictures or on television; only in person the city makes you become a part of itself. Living in America is a fantasy for a lot of people, but living in New York City is something even better, and more magical than any fantasy.

Although regarded as the ‘most populated city’ in the United States, the whole city has something interesting to offer everyone. It is sub-divided into five boroughs; Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island respectively. There are many landmarks in New York City that are readily known all over the world . There is the famous Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, and the former World Trade Center, now known as Ground Zero. One of Manhattan’s famous landmarks is Times Square. Different kinds of lights illuminate this famed area, where people are seen partying, having fun, and enjoying life. People from all over the world go to Times Square to have a glimpse of such a beautiful sight. A New York trip will never be complete without a visit to Times Square and the best time to go is New Years Eve, where people the world over watch the ball drop to usher in the New Year, year in and year out.



The skyscrapers in the city are astonishingly tall and eye-catching. These buildings possess the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen in my lifetime and it is easy how someone could think that there are so many buildings here; it is hard to believe that man is capable of putting them up. One person said, “The buildings look like they have plunged from GOD’s hand and landed in one spot”. New York City is basically a crowded and small city. With a population of almost eight million residents, it is actually a mystery how such a big population could fit in one city. During the day, the streets and the subways are filled with busy people, with the roads crammed with cars and the continuous honking of vehicles. By night, stars are accompanied by the millions of lights that illuminate the busy streets.

“The Big Apple” is also the capital of all the new fashions and trends. Shopping in the stores along “Fifth Avenue” will really make you really feel like a millionaire, whether you are one or not. From the familiar, towering skyscrapers that make up the patina of the majestic New York skyline to the stately old brownstone buildings that faithfully inhabit so many of the innumerable neighborhoods of each of her five boroughs, the city possesses a unique personality that boasts several other iconic landmarks that make it readily identifiable, such as Central Park and the Empire State Building, to name just a couple. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diversity of inhabitants in ethnicity, faith and culture. The world-famous late great Frank Sinatra said it best in the lyrics of the famous song, New York, New York as he sang: “I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep, to find I’m King of the hill-top of the heap!” It is true; New York City doesn’t sleep. At night, New York City has a sparkle and glow that few others in the world can rival as it’s mammoth buildings and majestic bridges do their part to make it a view that is awe-inspiring to the mind, heart and soul. If you’re a night owl, there is more to offer for entertainment in a single night in New York City than most cities can offer in a month’s time!


It is an easy city to fall in love with, and what better way to show your love for the Big Apple than a New York canvas or acrylic print. This amazing array of prints is so diverse, without a doubt, you will have a difficult time choosing just one, particularly if New York is a city that you’ve visited, lived in or worked in! Choose from a seemingly endless variety of prints (over 27,500 to be more precise), including architectural, skyline, aerial and street level views. If the architecture isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy the abstract depictions of the city, or perhaps the collages; maybe even those that simply depict the people of New York, captured in timeless poses of romance, or just enjoying the night life that the city has to offer. The vibrant colors in these prints capture the vibrance, personality, culture, richness, ambience and majesty of a city that has all of these and so much more to offer. Imagine owning a window that captures a piece of the ambience and personality of New York City! Our unique canvas prints make great gifts, or just indulge yourself and get one for that special space in your office or at home. And New York multi panels print’sNY city

are great conversation pieces, particularly for those who have experienced the unique heartbeat and pulse of “the city that never sleeps”! Once you’ve experienced this captivating city, our amazing New York prints will give you endless opportunities to step back into vibrant atmosphere, each and every time you look upon it! Bring the legendary and world reknowned city of New York home to your own home or place of employment, and enjoy what this amazing city has to offer through the lens of our fantastic New York City split prints.


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