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The Beatles Were Actually Hilarious

by Tuong Vi October 31, 2019

The Beatles Were Actually Hilarious

1.   When Ringo dropped a pretty top-notch dad joke.

2.   When John was very, very relatable.

3.   When John had a little fun with a reporter who hadn't done his homework.

4.   When Paul was honest about their process.

5.   And when George was a little too honest about John's wife.

6.   When John burned Ringo pretty bad.

7.   When George had enough of all the haircut questions.

8.   When John made a very good point.

9.   When George had a brilliant idea.

10.   When John took things too literally.

11.   When George was very succinct.

12.   When Paul was a little bit nicer than John.

13.   When John made it easy for the rich people in the audience.

14.  And the last one .


Tuong Vi
Tuong Vi

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